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Bhima Devi......a victim of inhumanity!!!

I was in my office talking with my coworkers regarding some issues with the inmates at Navachetana. The phone rang, I picked up the receiver and an unknown voice was on the other end. The person was saying that an elderly lady is lying injured and unconscious on the veranda of a school in their locality. The lady seems to be mentally imbalanced and she is bleeding profusely. The person on the phone requested if we could help the woman. I asked my team to go and bring her to the center and it was done immediately.

She was Bhima Devi. She must have been around sixty years old. She told us about the horrific acts that had been meted out to her by a group of demonic boys who were the age of her grandson. They raped her at the night when she was taking shelter on the veranda of the school. Their evil desires had no bounds as they inserted a bamboo stick into her vagina to have more fun. When the health workers were giving her a bath, they noticed the terrible state of her organs below the waist. Her uterus was protruding outside. We immediately admitted her to the hospital and her infected uterus had to be removed through surgery. She required blood for the operation and I considered myself to be blessed to have donated my blood to her. Some of our well-wishers helped us financially to cover the hospital expenses.

What could be more primal and horrific in the nature of human character than what those boys had done? After committing such a horrendous act with a mentally ill women , did their conscience even pierce them once, at least once?

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Dr. Anjana Goswami, the founder-director of Ashadeep has extensively covered various aspects of Mental Health in her publications. She has authored two Assamese books on the first-hand experience of working with homeless individuals with mental illness and their transformational stories. Dr. Goswami’s association with Special Olympics Bharat also gives her an insight into the importance of sports for individuals with disabilities, which is often reflected in her writings.

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